Honua Skincare products are refreshingly unique. A fusion of Hawaiian healing wisdom and modern skin care technology, these luxurious skincare products help restore skins natural vibrancy and radiance. At the heart of every Honua Skincare product are potent organic and wild crafted Hawaiian botanicals— intentionally chosen for their extraordinary benefits, quality and sustainability. By focusing on the root cause of major skin conditions, the balanced formulas work well for all skin types and are especially beneficial for dull, dry, acne prone or sun damaged skin.

Founder Kapua Browning’s insatiable curiosity in native Hawaiian botanicals was ignited while facing her own skin concerns. An avid surfer from the island of O’ahu, Kapua began to notice sun damage in her own complexion. She immersed herself in the study of plant medicine and as a trained esthetician, used her knowledge, experience and passion to create the restorative blends and luxurious textures found in Honua Skincare products today.

Kapua continues to pioneer sustainable practices, partnering with local farms to restore native dry lands, reduce packaging waste and create a more sustainable Hawaii. The Honua daily ritual encourages you to set aside precious time each day to take care of yourself and experience a touch of aloha. The Aloha Youth Serum and Olena Beauty Oil are a must-have combination for anyone with acne-prone skin, dark spots, or fine lines.