General Questions

What makes All Natural Collection different from all of the other “Natural” Stores?
At All Natural Collection, we take great pride in stocking natural skin care and natural makeup products from companies that use the highest grade of ultra pure ingredients possible and are committed to sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes. Just because it is natural doesn't mean it works! We spend a great deal of time and energy screening our products to ensure that they are effective and free from known toxic ingredients and skin irritants found in many so-called natural products. These are commonly used as preservatives or ‘fragrance” which are not always disclosed to consumers. We also exclude brands, which use cheap fillers like talc, which offer no benefit to the consumer and can block pores. 
Help! I'm not sure what product is best for me, can you give me some advice!
We’re here to help! We know how difficult it can be to choose between several products. Contact Customer Service and we will gladly help you find the best organic makeup and organic skin care products for you.
Do you provide free makeup and skincare samples with my order?
We aim to include free mineral makeup samples and/or skincare samples with every order - supply permitting.  If you have a natural skincare brand or mineral makeup product you want to try, please contact Customer Service right away and we will do our best to include it – supply permitting. You can also check out our sample program if you have something specific you would like to try.
Do You Have A "Gift Card" Option?
Sorry, we don’t offer a gift option yet.
Where Is All Natural Collection Located
We are located in sunny Winter Garden, Florida. We are an online boutique. We try be as accessible as possible and have found we can provide you with the absolute best assistance possible through online support. Need assistance or have a question - Contact Customer Service. We'd love to hear from you!


What is the status of my order?
Once you place your order you will receive a confirmation email. As soon as your order has shipped you will receive a shipping confirmation email you can click on to see the status of your delivery. It may take 24 hours for tracking updates to appear. If you have any questions about the status of your order please reach out to Customer Service.
What if something I ordered arrived damaged?
Oh no! Contact us right away and we will fix it.
What if I need to change or cancel my order?
We strive to process orders super fast and once an order ships we’re unable to cancel it. If you do need us to cancel an order, please reach out to Customer Service right away and be sure to include your order number in your request. We’ll do our best to catch it before it goes out! If you entered the incorrect delivery address, please contact Customer Service right away.
What forms of payment to you take?
We accept any major debit/credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), Apple Pay and PayPal.


How much does shipping cost in the U.S.?
We strive to keep shipping rates as low as possible. US orders $35 and over ship for free – orders under $35 ship for a flat rate of $2.95. Read our full shipping policy.
How fast is your shipping?
We work hard to get you your order as quickly as possible. Most of our orders are shipped within 24 hours from our sunny Winter Garden Florida warehouse. Most orders ship by USPS first class parcel and are delivered within 3-4 business days of its ship date. Please note we do not ship on the weekend or US holidays.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes. We offer free shipping to Canada and Mexico for all orders $85 and over and a discounted rate of $9.99 for all other orders. Read our Shipping Policy. Shipping somewhere else? If you do not see your country listed yet at checkout, please contact Customer Service for a shipping estimate.

Returns & Exchanges

What is your exchange & return policy?
We accept returns within 30 days from the shipping date. Unused and unopened items are eligible for a full refund - including taxes. Used or opened products will receive a store credit for the full amount paid. 
I have opened or used a product - can I still return it?
Yes. Used or opened products can be returned for a store credit for the full amount paid. OR, if you prefer, you may choose a refund for 50% of the purchase price.
What items are non-refundable?
Supplements, free gifts and clearance items are non-refundable. For sanitary reasons we do not accept returns of makeup brushes or muslin face cloths.

Product Questions

Do you list all of the ingredients in your products?
Yes, we believe in 100% transparency and expect our brands to do the same. In fact, because our natural makeup and natural skincare brands use all natural and organic ingredients, you wont need a chemistry degree to decipher our labels. Most of the ingredients should be easily recognizable. If you have a question about any ingredient, contact Customer Service for more information.
Do your products contain parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, preservatives or colors?

No, absolutely not! With the exception of nail polish, all of our products are made from 100% natural ingredients and are free from toxic chemicals. Many of the ingredients used by our natural skincare and natural cosmetics brands are also certified organic. Our natural mineral makeup is also guaranteed to be free from harmful nano particles or micronized particles. Nail Polish is the only product in our collection, which is not totally natural. While water based formulas are the safest- we have found they do not currently deliver the performance we have come to expect. We expect a lot from our nail polish brands - Our brands are guaranteed to be free from the nastiest chemical found in mainstream brands. Deco Miami's 8 free nail lacquer does not contain any of the following carcinogenic chemicals - NO DBP, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor, parabens, xylene, ethyl tosylamide or TPHP.
Are your products organic?
Yes, and no. Let me explain. The ingredients used in our natural skincare and natural makeup products are grown using sustainable, organic or biodynamic practices, which help ensure the health of our customers as well as that of our planet. Several of our brands are Certified Organic. All of our other brands (with the exception of nail polish) contain no toxins and use the highest quality natural and organic ingredients possible. A note about organic ingredients. All of our brands use the best ingredients they can find. However not every ingredient is eligible for certification. For instance, candelilla wax used in Axiology Organic Lipstick and Hurraw! Organic Balms is produced from the wild grown Candelilla shrub. Because this plant is found in nature (e.g.wildcrafted ) and not cultivated by a company on private land, it is not certified organic. Similarly, Eco Minerals mineral makeup is formulated to be 100% safe and natural, but by most leading certification bodies, cannot be certified organic. This is because, like salt and water, minerals are "made" by the Earth. They are not farmed or grown and as such they cannot be officially certified.
Do any of the brands in your collection test their products on animals?

No, absolutely not! We are committed to providing cruelty free skincare and makeup products that are completely natural. None of our brands have and never will test their products on animals nor do they buy ingredients from suppliers that do.
Are your products suitable for vegans?
All of the products in our collection are vegetarian friendly. In fact, most of our brands are Vegan and completely free of animal ingredients. The only exception is Black Chicken Remedies Balm of Ages, which contains certified organic beeswax. We accept natural skincare and makeup products which use beeswax from organically farmed bees. Organic hives must adhere to strict welfare standards that are not imposed on non-certified organic hives, and our understanding is that proper management of hives helps promote sustainable farming practices. 
Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?
Yes – all of our natural makeup products are perfect for sensitive skin. We carefully select brands, which do not use known irritants such as harsh detergents, chemical preservatives or artificial fragrances. Many of our natural and organic skincare brands contain natural ingredients, which help calm and soothe sensitive skin and redness. Shop Organic and Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin. Pure mineral makeup like our Eco Minerals mineral makeup line is generally well suited to sensitive skin. If your skin is extremely sensitive, we suggest you try Eco Minerals Flawless Foundation, which has the lowest mica concentration (an ingredient which some individuals with sensitive skin react to – contact Customer Service for a free sample). If you haven’t used a product before or if you have concerns about a particular skin conditions, we suggest you order the sample size and do a small patch test first.
Are your products safe for children?
Yes, they are safe for children. Our products do not contain any synthetic chemicals, preservatives, parabens, sulfates or harsh detergents, phthalates or artificial fragrances and are extremely gentle on the skin.
How long do your products last?
Unopened, our products generally have a shelf life of 24 months. After opening, we recommend products be used within 6 – 12 months for maximum potency and effect. Some products, such as Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste and Mokosh Rich and Light Face Creams, are temperature-sensitive and may melt in hot temperatures or harden in the cold. This does not in any way affect the potency of these product. Simply pop them in the fridge or a warm place for a few minutes to reverse this change.
Can I purchase samples?
Yes, wherever possible we offer sample and trial sizes of our products so you can test a brand before committing to a full size product. Shop our samples.
Why is the color or scent of my order different from my last purchase or from the picture?
Minor differences will almost always exist with a completely natural product, based on when the ingredients it contains are harvested. This is not only normal – it’s almost expected! These minor variations do not in any way affect the potency of these products.
Can natural skin care brands be combined?
Each of the organic face creams and organic serums we carry are nourishing blends of all natural and organic ingredients specially designed to boost the health and vitality of your skin. It is not generally necessary to combine products (though you can if you wish!). Many customers prefer to use a lightweight moisturizer or serum during the day as they absorb more quickly. If your skin is extremely dry, you might benefit from applying a serum as well as one of our organic face creams. 
Will face oils make me break out?
It is a common myth that those of us with acne prone skin should avoid face oils. Why the fear of oil? Synthetic oils, often derived from petroleum, (e.g. mineral oil, baby oil and Vaseline®) can block your pores and cause pimples. It is also important to note that not all natural oils are created equal. For instance, while Coconut Oil is a skin savior for some - it can actually lead to break outs by clogging pores in acne prone skin. The truth is the right face oils can actually help calm your skin and fight breakouts leaving you with a clearer, more radiant complexion than ever! The right oils are non-comedogenic meaning they wont clog pores. They are extremely gentle on skin and tackle the root of the problem by regulating the production of sebum (skin oil) and offer powerful antibacterial properties, which stops the spread and growth of acne causing bacteria. Shop natural skincare for acne-prone skin.
How are your products packaged?
The companies we have chosen to partner with have both an environmental as well as a social conscience. Most of our natural and organic skin care products are packaged in recyclable glass to preserve their integrity and maximum potency and ensure there is no leaching of plastic toxins that occurs with cheap plastics. Our Axilla Deodorant Paste by Black Chicken Remedies is packaged in PET plastic to preserve its integrity and ensure there is no leaching of plastic toxins that occurs with cheap plastics. PET plastic does NOT contain PVC, heavy metals or Bisphenol-A. Our natural mineral makeup line – Eco Minerals Mineral Makeup – comes in a high quality plastic container. 100% Biodegradable eco refills are available in an effort to reduce plastic waste. Axiology Organic Lipstick boxes are created in Bali from recycled paper collected from all over the island, boiled down to a pulp, sun dried and hand decorated.