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A luxurious spa headband to keep hair out of the way

Bodecare’s luxurious Spa Headband is perfect for keeping your hair out of the way when applying makeup, cleansing or just relaxing with a face mask. Can also be used to help keep hair dry in the shower.

This soft white headband is made with thick 100% terry cloth for extra absorbency and long lasting use. It has a Velcro tab for an adjustable fit.

One size fits all.

  • How to use: To untangle, start at the ends and gently work your way up to the crown.

    To massage: When hair is tangle free - start brushing your scalp from your hairline to the back of your neck. Be sure to brush underneath the back of your scalp.

  • Ingredients: .
  • How long is this headband? The bristles are made of wood and are hard. They feel firm on your scalp (which is what stimulates blood flow) but do not hurt.

    Is it machine washable? Yes. These brushes do not contain any animal hairs and are vegan friendly. 

    Can I put it in the dryer? It's approximately 10 inches long.

    Where is this brush made? These beautiful quality brushes are made in Germany.

    Is this brush biodegradable? The wood handle and pins are biodegradable. The rubber cushion is also biodegradable.

    Are these brushes fair trade? Yes. All Bodecare products are made by manufacturers who provide an ethical working environment for their staff, protected by the International Labour organization

    Can I use this brush in the shower? We do not recommend using this brush in the shower. It is made of wood which may mold if kept wet and the rubber cushion may will with water which would damage your brush.

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