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Aura Inner Beauty

AURA Inner Beauty is a unique Canadian wellness brand. Founder Avalon Lukacs philosophy is simple: for a truly healthy, vibrant AURA – you must first nourish your beauty from within. Inspiration for the brand not only revolves around Avalon’s own personal journey, but also serves as a way to educate, inspire and empower women to nourish their own beauty from within. After years of trying to conceal and treat a myriad of skin issues with every topical product available, Avalon discovered the power of probiotics, adaptogens, & collagen and their critical role in gut health, radiant skin and well-being. Her delicious, easy-to-take superfood blends and marine collagen simplify your health and wellness journey and are ideal for our every-day, fast-paced, modern lifestyles.

Gluten-Free | Non-GMO | Made From Organic, Ethical & Sustainable Sources | Free from Artificial Flavors & Colors | Made in Canada

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