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Award winning facial exfoliator to instantly smooth, brighten and revive your skin

Achieve a brighter, smoother and more even toned complexion with this skin perfecting natural face scrub. Black Chicken Remedies Complexion Polish gently removes pore clogging impurities and dull dead cells leaving skin feeling soft, silky and completely refreshed. Overtime, it can help fade dark spots for a more even and radiant skin tone.

  • Ultra-fine rice, argan and myrrh powders exfoliate without irritating skin.
  • Dry formula transforms into a gentle facial scrub with a little water or your favorite cleanser.
  • Gently removes oil, dirt and toxins while helping to minimize the appearance of pores.
  • All natural formula is free of Alcohol, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Triclosans, Synthetic Fragrances or other harmful chemicals.
  • Suits all skin types.
  • Vegan

Awarded Best Exfoliating Product in the Beauty Shortlist Awards in 2017


Recommended to be used twice weekly. Use less water to feel more texture, and more for a softer cleanse.

Mix a ½ teaspoon into a paste along with our Cleanse My Face oil or a few drops of water. Rub gently onto your face with soft circular movements. Rinse clean. Follow with Hydrate My Face and Love Your Face Serum.

Oryza Satuva (Rice) Powder, Argania Spinosa Shell Powder, Kaolin Clay, Sandalwood Powder, Commiphora Molmol Powder (Myrrh powder).
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Should I wash my face before exfoliating? Experts seem to be divided on whether or not you should exfoliate before or after washing your face. We recommend always removing any makeup first. If you are using a physical exfoliator like Complexion Polish, we like mixing it with Cleanse My Face and eliminating a second step. If, however, you are using a liquid exfoliator, we recommend cleansing first then follow with your liquid exfoliator.

Could using this daily be overkill? Although Complexion Polish is very gentle, it is recommended you use it only once or twice a week. If you prefer a daily exfoliant, you might prefer Mokosh Organic Face Cleanser, Exfoliator and Face Mask which is extremely gentle and formulated for daily use.

Why should I exfoliate? If you are not exfoliating regularly your skin is missing out on significant benefits. As we age, the rate at which we shed dead skin cells begins to slow. This can lead to clogged pores, dark spots, uneven skin texture, more pronounced wrinkles, dullness, dryness and more. Exfoliation is a simple and inexpensive way to effectively remove these dead skin cells revealing the smoother brighter skin underneath. Without this barrier of dead skin – it’s also believed your your moisturizers absorb better giving you better results.

How often should I exfoliate my face? How often you should exfoliate depends on the type of exfoliator you are using as well as your skin type. Some exfoliators are very gentle and designed to be used daily – others are stronger and should only be used 1 or 2 times a week. We recommend following the instructions on your exfoliator and not exfoliating more often then recommended. Always listen to your skin and reduce the frequency you exfoliate (or change exfoliators) if you experience any irritation

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