HAN Skincare Cosmetics natural makeup products

San Francisco based HAN Skincare Cosmetics Founder Susan Wong had her “Aha!” moment when she was pregnant and looking for safer and healthier makeup that rivaled conventional brands. With her strong beauty background, Susan was determined to create a universally appealing line of safe, natural cosmetics that nourish skin as they wear. 

HAN natural cosmetics use rice powder instead of talc and plant oils (such as coconut oil, açaí oil, plant-based castor oil) instead of animal fats and oils. The vibrant colors in HANS cosmetics are from naturally derived minerals and plants and vegetables like carrot, superfruits and beetroot. With a growing range of shades to flatter a multitude of skin tones, HAN hopes to push the limits of your creativity. With the exception of HAN Lip Gloss and Cheek & Lip Tint (which contain beeswax), HAN makeup is vegan.

Natural, Clean, Non-Toxic Formulas | Talc Free | Bismuth Oxychloride Free | Gluten Free | Carmine Free | Cruelty Free