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magnesium oil for a blissful nights sleep

best before November 16 2019

topical magnesium oil spray | good for tension, muscle recovery and restful sleep

Natural, fast-acting and easy to use. Nocturne magnesium oil spray absorbs quickly to soothe and relax your mind, easing stress and promoting restful sleep. 

Made with pure magnesium chloride from 250 million year old natural salt deposits in the Zechstein sea bed. Nocturne is infused with calming lavender and uplifting sweet orange to help you unwind. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Spray on stomach and/or thighs before sleep. We recommend 3-5 sprays to start with, then adjust to your liking. Let product dry before putting on clothes or getting into bed.

    8 sprays contain approximately 100mg elemental magnesium

  • Ingredients | Distilled Water, Magnesium Chloride, Aloe Barbendensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Lavendula Officinalis (Lavender) Essential Oil, Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange) Essential Oil
  • What part of your body is best to spray? The nice thing about magnesium oil is you can tailor your use to suit your lifestyle and symptoms. FOR SLEEP: We recommend applying it to your thighs or stomach about 20 minutes before bed to help you relax.

    Does it need to be rinsed off? No, the instructions state to spray it on before bed and let dry. However, if your skin is sensitive and you find it irritating, it is best to rinse off. Magnesium oils also leave a tiny bit of a sticky residue that some people prefer to rinse off after it has had a chance to soak in. 

    Is it greasy or oily? Despite its name, magnesium oil is not actually an oil. It does have a texture when you spray it on - but once rubbed in there is no oily residue at all. Magnesium oil does, however, leave a bit of sticky residue that some people prefer to wash off once after it has had a chance to soak in.

    Is it safe to use daily? Yes.  Unlike magnesium supplements which can wreak havoc on your stomach - topical magnesium oil spray can be used daily. We do recommend 3-5 sprays to start and then you can increase the number of sprays if you require more.

    What are the benefits of using magnesium oil? According to the manufacturer, magnesium is the first mineral to decrease in your body when under stress.  Due to our society's high-pressure environment and busy schedules, magnesium deficiency is very real. Many common symptoms including lethargy, depression, back pain, headaches, and brain fog can correlate to being deficient in magnesium. The most effective and potent method of intaking magnesium is to bypass the digestive system and to apply the oil directly to the skin where it can be absorbed quicker, as opposed to ingesting traditional magnesium pills or powder that may upset the stomach, or not be absorbed at all.

    What is the difference between magnesium oil and epsom salts?  Magnesium chloride (found in magnesium oil) has a different molecular structure than Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate) which allow it to be absorbed more readily by your body.

    If I have a headache, where should I spray it? We recommend spraying the back of your neck for headaches. Some people also like to spray their shoulders to help relieve symptoms.

    I have heard magnesium oil stings, will Nocturne magnesium oil sting? Most magnesium oils are in a base of water. Luna Nectar adds aloe vera to their formula which they state helps diminish any potential stinging and/or itching common with other brands.

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