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The 15 Best Natural Face Cleansers To Try in 2024

10 best natural face cleansers to try in 2023

Wash your way to better skin. Whatever your skin type, removing dirt, oil, sunscreen and makeup with a gentle natural face cleanser is an essential first step for healthy radiant skin.

But with so many different types of facial cleansers available, it can be difficult to find the best formula for your skin type. That’s where this guide comes in. We’ll walk you through the benefits of each natural face wash and cleanser—so you can quickly find the best natural skin cleanser for your needs.

Each face wash and cleanser in our collection is made with natural and organic ingredients and free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, phenoxyethanol, sodium laurel sulfates, denatured alcohol or other harsh chemicals.



We’ve highlighted our most popular face cleansers for men and women — organized by skin type —to help you get started. All will remove light makeup but opt for a cleansing oil or balm if you wear heavier makeup.

Most of our facial cleansers are suitable for all skin types so feel free to mix it up depending on your mood and preferences. See below for full details.



Squeaky clean comes with a price. How you wash your face can make a huge difference in how it looks and feels. It’s essential your cleanser removes buildup, dirt, makeup, and sunscreen from the face without damaging the skin’s delicate protective barrier.

Yet a 2020 CeraVe survey found many of us are using the wrong cleansers for our skin type. The survey found facial cleansers are often thought of as one-size-fits-all. Six in ten adults surveyed do not look for cleansers formulated for their skin type. And, many associate clean skin with: a squeaky clean feeling (41%), skin feeling tight (32%) and a tingly sensation (22%) – all indicators that your skin has lost moisture, which can lead to dryness and irritation.

So, how do you choose a better cleanser?

The best face wash is one that specifically targets your skin’s needs. Hydrating facial cleansers are best for dry skin while a natural face wash can help eliminate excess oil without over drying or stripping oily skin. There are also facial cleansers that remove heavy makeup or exfoliate the skin’s surface leaving it brighter and more even looking.

Not sure what your skin needs? A facial cleanser formulated for “all skin types” is a good place to start. For everyday cleansing, here’s what to look for depending on your age and current skin care routine: 

Best face cleanser by age

 Source: 8 Secrets to Glowing, Radiant Skin in 2023 (FREE DOWNLOAD)



We'll walk you through the benefits of each natural cleanser so you can quickly find which cleanser is best for your needs. 


Fitglow Beauty Calm Cleanser

1. Fitglow Beauty Calm Cleanser

Type | Milky cream cleanser
Ideal For | Dry, Combination, Sensitive, Depleted, Stressed and Redness-prone skin
Natural & Organic Ingredients | Bamboo Electrolytes, Glycoproteins & Cucumber. Essential oil free. Vegan
Price | $39 for 4.05 fl oz

Lightweight, plant-based milky cleanser is specially formulated for skin that requires extra calming, nourishment and hydration. Skin loving combination of Bamboo Electrolytes, Glycoproteins and Cucumber protects skin during the cleansing process while delivering beneficial minerals, peptides and protecting from water loss. This gentle cleanser can be used to remove makeup.

Soft Power Exfoliating Powder Cleanser

2. Free + True Skincare Soft Power

Type | Cleansing powder + exfoliant
Ideal For | All skin types
Natural & Organic Ingredients | Coconut milk, amla, marshmallow, vitamin C. Vegan
Price | $40 for 4 oz

A staff favorite, this Award Winning gentle exfoliating cleanser transforms into a creamy lather, washing away dead skin cells, oil and dirt without stripping or irritating skin. Skin soothing ingredients like marshmallow and colloidal oats ease redness while Vitamin C-rich amla powder restores skin’s natural radiance. It's gentle enough to use daily, offering glowing results every time.


3. Honua Hawaiian Skincare Paʻakai Cleansing Cream

Type | Softening cream cleanser that lightly exfoliates
Ideal For | Normal, Oily, Combination
Natural & Organic Ingredients | Hibiscus (AHA), witch hazel water, seaweed extract.  Vegan
Price | $24 for 2 fl oz

Made for all skin types, this gentle daily cleanser works particularly well for skin that’s normal or a little oily. Sea salt cleanses pores, while balancing oil production and keeps bacteria at bay so skin stays clear, balanced and healthy looking.


4. Black Chicken Remedies Cleanse My Face

Type | Purifying cleansing oil that balances and hydrates
Ideal For | All skin types
Natural & Organic Ingredients | Organic camellia tea, sesame see and jojoba. Vegan
Price | $49 for 3.38 fl oz

Formulated to indulge the senses while bringing out the very best in your skin, this award-winning natural cleansing oil is effective enough to dissolve heavy makeup, sunscreen and dirt without relying on harsh chemicals.

The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2023 - Editors Choice award winner


Graydon Skincare Aloe Milk Cleanser for sensitive skin

5. Graydon Skincare Aloe Milk Cleanser

Type | Hydrating cream cleanser for dry or sensitive skin
Ideal For | Normal to dry skin types 
Natural & Organic Ingredients | Niacinamide, black tea and aloe. Vegan.
Price | $35 for 1.7 fl oz

Graydon’s Aloe Milk Cleanser is especially great for those with dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin. This super gentle, yet effective, face cleanser easily breaks down makeup and impurities without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. Aloe vera, black tea and niacinamide help calm and balance your skin. For the ultimate face cleansing experience, pair the Aloe Milk Cleanser with the Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge for sensitive skin.

Winner Best Cleanser for Sensitive Skin (2023 & 2024)

100% Pure Cucumber Cloud Foam Cleanser

6. 100% Pure Cucumber Cloud Foam Cleanser

Type | Hydrating foam face wash
Ideal For | All skin types, especially dry or sensitive
Natural & Organic Ingredients | Cucumber, aloe and chammomile. Vegan
Price | $30 for 5.07  fl oz

Deeply hydrating natural face wash replenishes skin with cucumber juice, aloe, and rose hydrosol. Pillowy soft foam sweeps away dirt and oil, while soothing dry skin with calendula and chamomile flowers. This all natural face wash has a refreshing cucumber scent and is free of sulfates, parabens, and artificial dyes.

7. Free +True Morning Marigold Creamy Gel Cleanser

Type | Gentle face cleansing lotion that hydrates
Ideal For | All skin types
Natural & Organic Ingredients | Hyaluronic acid, sunflower oil and calendula. Vegan.
Price | $38 for 4 fl oz

This pH balanced creamy gel cleanser from Free + True Skincare removes impurities with ease, then rinses away clean. Infused with papaya enzymes to gently exfoliate, as well as a blend of plant extracts and hyaluronic acid to balance oil production and prevent moisture loss, it leaves all skin types feeling hydrated and refreshed.



8. Mokosh Makeup Remover & Cleansing Oil

Type | Hydrating makeup remover & oil cleanser 
Ideal For | All skin types including sensitive skin
Certified Organic Ingredients | Pumpkin, jojoba, baobab and sesame seed oils. Essential Oil Free. Vegan. 
Price | $39.95 for 3.3 fl. oz.

This 100% organic cleansing oil from Mokosh Skincare gently removes makeup, dirt and excess sebum, leaving the skin clean, soft and deeply hydrated. It includes pumpkin seed, jojoba, baobab and sesame oil which work together to cleanse the skin and pores without clogging and restore the skin’s barrier. When used as a daily treatment, customers report it helps eliminate blackheads and normalize sebum.

It's essential oil-free, and non-comedogenic making it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. 

9. Kari Gran Essential Cleansing Oil

Type | Hydrating oil cleanser
Ideal For | All skin types
Natural & Organic Ingredients | Organic avocado, sunflower and castor seed oils. Vegan
Price | $49 for 3.4 fl. Oz.

Kari Gran’s Essential Oil Cleanser is a potent mix of organic oils, namely soothing sunflower seed oil, moisturizing avocado oil, and softening castor oil, that gently cleanse the skin removing all traces of makeup, sunscreen, and pollution. All skin types benefit as this does not strip dry skin and balances oil production for oily skin.

10. Free + True Skincare Moonlight Milk Cleansing Balm

Type | Nourishing cleansing balm
Ideal For | All skin types
Natural & Organic Ingredients | Camellia, black cumin, mango seed butter and calendula extract. Vegan
Price | $42 for 1.7 fl. Oz.

Free + True Skincare’s Moonlight Milk balm cleanser is an oil-based cleanser that works like a dream. Camellia oil, black cumin oil, and a dollop of mango butter melt away heavy makeup and remove impurities without stripping the skin or leaving behind an oily residue. Whether you’re removing makeup or double cleansing, this cleansing balm leaves skin soft and nourished.

Little Seed Farm Charcoal Soap Bar

11. Little Seed Farm Activated Charcoal Face & Body Bar

Type | Bar soap
Ideal For | Oily, Combination, Acne-prone skin
Natural & Organic Ingredients | Activated charcoal, goat milk. 
Price | $9.99 for 4.75  oz

This natural bar soap washes away dirt, sweat, and oils without stripping away skin’s moisture. Activated charcoal helps keep skin clean and clear, while organic olive oil and nourishing goat milk helps moisturize and protect.


12. Carina Organics Daily Face Wash

Type | Natural face wash
Ideal For | Combination and oily skin types
Natural & Organic | Organic & natural ingredients. Vegan
Price | $19.98 for 8.4 fl. Oz

This budget friendly face wash effectively removes excess oil, makeup and surface impurities without making skin feel stripped. The no nonsense formula features coconut-based surfactants to cleanse the skin, as well as certified organic plant, vegetable, and fruit extracts to soothe and soften skin.

13. 100% Pure Lavender Oat Milk Soothing Cleanser

Type | Water activated powder face cleanser
Ideal For | Oily and combination skin types
Natural & Organic Ingredients | Colloidal oats, rose petals and coconut milk. Vegan
Price | $32 for 1.4 oz

Skeptical about powder? Don’t be. Common in Korea and Japan, powder cleansers are easy to use and let you control the cleanse. This gentle face cleanser uses skin soothing colloidal oatmeal–based powder and rose petals, deeply purifying lavender, moisturizing coconut milk, to gently exfoliate and cleanse.

Yina Bioadaptive Cleanser

14. YINA Bioadaptive Cleanser

Type | Exfoliating cream face cleanser
Ideal For | All skin types
Natural & Organic Ingredients | Pearl, white tea, poria mushroom, rose clay
Price | $78 for 3.33 oz

The Yina Bioadaptive Cleanser cleanses gently, yet washes sunscreen and makeup off effectively. Infused with skin healing botanicals such as white tea, medicinal mushrooms, and pearl that help to clear impurities while staying very gentle on your skin barrier. Skin feels clean, soft, but never tight.

Organic facial soap bar

15. Kari Gran Luxe Facial Cleansing Bar

Type | Natural face soap
Ideal For | Oily and combination skin types
Natural & Organic | Colloidal oats, organic avocado oil and goat milk
Price | $22 for 4 oz

A super-fatted 4 oz. natural facial bar soap that is gentle and won’t strip your skin. The Luxe Facial Cleansing Bar has it all from colloidal oats which soothe irritated skin to avocado and castor oils that nourish and balance all skin types.

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