Spoolie And Angled Brow Brush

Lily Lolo


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Expertly define lashes and shape your brows with the Lily Lolo Spoolie and Angled Brow Brush. The firm angled brush is designed to shape and define brows while the spoolie end combs brows in place.

  • Firm bristle angled brush ideal for applying brow powder and waxes.
  • Spoolie is ideal for combing through brows & separating lashes.
  • Purse sized handle, measures 17cm overall.
  • White lacquered wooden handle.
  • Synthetic bristles – vegan friendly

Spoolie – Comb through lashes before or after mascara application to define and separate. Neaten and shape brows in preparation for brow powders and wax.

Angled Brow Brush – Use with a little loose or pressed eye shadow (be sure to tap off excess first) and apply through brows to define your perfect shape


100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan | Synthetic Hair, White Lacquered Wood

Made in UK

To wash hold the bristles pointing downwards in warm running water, gently lather with a mild shampoo and rinse the same way in running water. Always leave cosmetic brushes to dry naturally, preferably on their side to prevent water from running into the ends.