Strange Bird Beauty Natural Skin Care Products

Strange Bird Beauty is an innovative natural skin care brand combining Asian beauty traditions with high vibrational alchemy to leave you feeling nourished and nurtured. On a journey to integrate the artist and healer within, Tina Rudolf has pioneered a philosophy of Positive Impact Skincare —it’s about well-being and beauty, inside and out. The natural, clean, non-toxic formulas are made with quality botanicals and feature Strange Bird’s signature G-Team— Ginger (to protect), Ginseng (to rejuvenate), and Goji Berry (to mend). Infused with the power of flower and gem essences like amethyst (to center) and rose quartz (for self love) for a major emotional boost.

Made in small batches at a USDA certified organic lab in New Jersey. Safe for sensitive skin.

Vegan. Leaping Bunny Certified.

The power of rituals …
Strange Bird is a reminder that the seemingly meaningless daily rituals we all tend to overlook are the perfect opportunity to take a moment and let go, reflect, and slow down. Each bottle is inscribed with a grounding mantra and a spiritual prompt to remind you to reconnect with your higher self . . . because it’s not only about what you do, but how you do it. Tina calls it meditation in a bottle.